Zoning Board of Adjustment

Over the last 60 years our town has grown from less than 300 to more than 1300 residents. As a result it was recognized that good planning was needed to channel growth in an orderly, sage and logical manner. part of this process involved the creation of a zoning ordinance that fosters good neighborly relations throughout the town.

Because a zoning ordinance cannot anticipate every land use question an appeals mechanism was also created - the Zoning Board of Adjustment. This Board is an independent, quasi-judicial body, empowered by state statues and our zoning ordinance to grant relief from the strict application of the ordinance (variances and equitable waivers), approve certain uses of land (special exceptions) and hear appeals of administrative decisions made by the Selectmen.

The Board has 5 members that you elect and alternate members that the Board appoints.

Board Members

Name Title
Susan Chiarella Chair
Bryan O'Day Vice-Chair
Peter Abair Member
Rodrick Corbett Member
Justin Hastings Member
James Bednar Alternate
Susan Abair Recording Secretary
Tamara Butcher Selectman Representative