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Applications Fee

Primary Building Fee

Accessory Buildings and/or Additional Fee

After the Fact Fee (NOTE)

Building Permit Application

$ 50.00

$ 25.00

Varied see note


Note: Due to new state regulations (Fall 2010) dealing with septic systems, please be advised that some building permit requests may require the owner to have a new design drawn up and approved by the state prior to approval and construction.
Driveway Permit Fee  
Driveway Application
Driveway Regulations
$ 25.00
House Number Fee
House Number Application
$ 25.00
Town Facilities Rental
Damage Deposit   
$ 25.00
$ 100.00
Current Use Application Fee
Current Use Application
(a map drawn to scale indicating area being enrolled)
$ 12.50 (Town)
Registry of Deeds $ 16.00+ postage