Marriage Licenses

If you’re getting married anywhere in New Hampshire, you may obtain your Marriage License in any New Hampshire city or town.

To obtain your Marriage License in Springfield, you and your fiancée must come into the Town Clerk’s office, during normal business hours, with photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.) In addition, if either of you were married before, proof must be provided of the divorce or death of the former spouse. If the former marriage was dissolved by divorce, the State requires that we see the sealed final divorce decree. If the spouse was deceased, we will need to view a certified copy of the death certificate.

You and your fiancée will complete a worksheet that will be used by the Town Clerk’s office in preparing the Marriage License. You will need to know full names of your parents, their state or country of birth, etc.

The entire process takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Please plan accordingly. Cost: $50