Hazard Mitigation Plan

A Hazard Mitigation Plan is a way of looking ahead to prevent things from happening. FEMA has regulations regarding compliance with hazard mitigation planning and the town needs to work toward meeting these regulations.

Courtney Daniell stated FEMA has provided funding for UVLSRPC to work with towns to develop a hazard mitigation plan. The Town works with UVLSRPC to provide information and UVLSRPC writes the plan.

Towns have to be in compliance with hazard mitigation to apply for disaster mitigation grants. FEMA also indicates that towns will have to have hazard mitigation plans in order to be reimbursed for disaster relief in the future. Courtney advises taking advantage of the funding that is available now.

Board Members

Name Title
Keith Cutting Director
Peter Abair Road Agent
Timothy Julian Police Chief
Peter Lacaillade Fire Chief
Janet Roberts Administrative Assistant
Ryan Peterson Health Officer